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Anna's Gambit


By Miguel Del Castillo Lozada


On May 9th of 2019 the International socialite Anna Sorokin was sentenced to 4-12 years in a New York state prison for Grand Larceny.

In this article, find out how a daughter of the USSR rose and fell from grace.

In February of 2017 Neffetari Davis was a concierge in Soho’s 11 Howard; if the location or name don’t give it away, this place is posh, posher than a triple hyphenated surname. Neffetari first met Anna at Ms. Delvey’s check-in. Anna’s red hair and Cèline derived big black glasses left an impression on the aspiring film director. Not only that,the hotel’s system displayed Anna’s reservation to be for a month. It should be noted that Anna was 26 years old at the time and her room was $400 a night.

According to the twenty-something concierge, “Usually it was only celebrities who came for such long stretches”

Anna didn’t have a working card on file but the supposed German heiress made promises of wire transfers and backed up these promises by picking up hefty restaurant bills, throwing $100 tips around and distracting with her

Anna hopped in and out of the hotel sometimes in Alexander Wang pants and other times in a robe. When not in her hotel room, Anna could be seen holding court among New York’s elite at the Big Apple’s New York’s hottest restaurants like Le Cocou, where she befriended the chef, ordered lavish meals and charged it all to her room (even though there was no working card on file.)

"To handle all these expensive calories Anna needed to exercise, so she had her concierge arrange workouts with a trainer- also all charged to the room."

Months later Neff’s manager told the concierge Anna’s bill was soaring as high as a billionaire's property values and Anna had no working card on file. 11 Howard locked Anna out of her room and detained her possessions. Anna fled, but not in the clandestine fashion one would expect of someone with an empty bank account and a hefty amount of debt. Instead the daughter of a collector, no, solar, no, oil tycoon fled to Morocco due to claims of a soon-to-expire visa with a Vanity Fair editor, her concierge friend, and the personal trainer.

The trip to Morocco was, as Vanity Fair put it, “ the quintessential example of the lavish lifestyle Delvey was known for.” Her $7000 a night private villa with a butler was welcoming and its pool expansive but once again, no working card was on file. Everything changed; the tips were gone, bills went unpaid, and the villa workers were not as passive as those in New York.

One thing did not change however, Anna was burning through her friend’s money fast.

The situation at the North African Villa was so heated that Vanity Fair editor and friend of Delvey, Rachael Deloache Williams was pressured into putting her card down by hotel staff.

Williams had exactly $410.03 in her checking account and when questioned about her non working card, Anna explained, “I just need to call my bank”. The trip was over, money had run out, and Williams was in debt. Delvey ensured her that back in New York a wire transfer was to be arranged.

Visa troubles practically vanished and back in New York Anna checked into the Beekman Hhotel. They soon kicked her out as she had no working card on file. Anna was homeless; she was indebted to countless hotels and Rachael Williams.

October of 2017 came and the New York post declared Delvy a “ Wannabe socialite.” ”

Anna acted according to her nature and fled, his time to a rehabilitation center in Malibu.

In Malibu, Sorokin (Ms. Delvey’s real surname ) was found by the federal government and brought to court in New York.

In court, Anna was questioned and unlike the money she promised, she delivered.

Anna Sorokina was born in a satellite town near Moscow under the USSR. She had an uneventful middle class upbringing. It was run-of-the-mill by any metric; her father was a truck driver and her mother was a homemaker.

At 16 she moved to Germany and became a citizen where it is assumed she removed the final “a” in her surname.

The financial crimes Sorokin was charged with were:

Falsifying financial documents from international banks to the sum of £60,000,000,

Lying to Citibank to obtain a 100,000$ loan, And opening multiple bank accounts in which empty checks were placed and the money “deposited” went up to almost $80,000.

The former Rikers island prisoner was described by her judge as having shown no remorse and Sorokin said her scam was all for the sake of her foundation.

The 21st century’s Becky Sharp can still be found at @therealannadelvey ( Instagram) where she posts about her post-prison and “no regrets” lifestyle.

As Ms. Sorokin’s lawyer said, “ we all have a bit of Anna inside of us,” and while that may be true, we must maintain respect for each other. Egos & mistakes are human and normal, that said those “human” errors did send people to emotional and financial ruin. So, even if you cant help it; don’t be Anna Sorkin 2.0.

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