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BISB-PA Elections

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Vikrant Sabharwal


From bringing in guest speakers to welcome new families to organizing large fairs, the BISB-PA is always looking to foster community. They lead the way with staff appreciation, providing catered breakfasts and weekly goodies for them. For students, they sponsor after school activities and clubs, among other things, to keep them engaged out of the classroom. The pandemic has not stopped their effort. They have hosted social activities such as a virtual Reading Circle, Walk and Talk, virtual Coffee Mornings and virtual Happy Hours.

The executive board of the PA consists of 10 positions. They include: the President, Vice President, Treasurer/Clerk, Communications Chair, Social Chair, the New Family and Welcome Chair. There are four school chairs for the early school, lower school, middle school, and high school. (All the positions except the President are open for the election this year.) The role of the executive board votes on initiatives that the PA is looking to take.

The President of the PA, Sunaina Anand, emphasizes why parents should join the PA. “Research has shown that when parents are involved in schools, their children are more successful, achieve higher grades and go on to better schools...when a school has an actively engaged parent body, the performance of the school as whole improves both

academically and socially.”

If a parent does not want to be on the executive board, Anand says, “Worry not! You can still be involved ranging from a Class Representative, to helping us with our social media platforms, updating our website content, helping with our monthly coffee mornings, and much much more.”

To Anand, participating in the PA is a lot of fun overall. “It is a great way to connect with

other parents, to get to know what is happening in the school, to put your skills and talents to

good use, and to be a positive, community building role model for your children.”

These are the first years that the executive board elections are being held. From here on out, they will be held every year. They were supposed to be held last year in May but were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Voting will be done electronically through an online platform. Since all BISB parents are automatically part of the PA, all of them will be eligible to vote. The PA hopes to see every parent participate.

Voting for the election will take place digitally between May 14th and May 17th, and the winners will be announced in the Virtual Annual Meeting on May 19th. You can contact the PA at with any questions.

We appreciate the PA for their continued unifying presence in our school community despite these unprecedented challenges.

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