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BISB Survives with Win in Thrilling Game

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Bulldog Inquirer Staff


On February 16, BISB took on Dexter in an intense game that came all the way down to the last second; the game went into overtime after being tied at the end of regulation. BISB was able to walk away with a 1 point win, with a score of 52-51. Vikrant Sabharwal and Tadgh Thompson lead the way in scoring while Michael Sherris dominated the rebounds. The stands were filled with numerous BISB students cheering loudly, along with some noisy Dexter fans.

While BISB expected to win more convincingly, they were hampered by a very slow start. Offensively, shots were not falling for them in the first quarter. Dexter went on a run at the start of the game to take a big lead, prompting BISB to call a timeout. Dexter continued keeping their foot on the gas to go up 18-8 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Dexter continued on their run. They were able to get numerous offensive rebounds, giving them multiple scoring opportunities, which hurt BISB significantly. BISB got into some foul trouble, trying to combat their fast-paced offense. The Bulldogs finally began to claw their way back in the game, as Sabharwal got fouled numerous times on his way to the hoop, driving through Dexter’s aggressive defense. A late push from Dexter at the end of the second quarter brought their lead back up at halftime.

Sabharwal shoots free throws in the second quarter.

Shocked that they were losing, BISB found themselves desperately needing to get them back in command of the game in the second half. As they regrouped at halftime, Coach Mike Carucci emphasized to them that they needed to do a better job getting rebounds. He felt a lack of rebounds was the reason that they were losing, to begin with. BISB also switched their defensive formation heading into the second half. Coach Carucci also emphasized that BISB came out with greater energy and intensity in the second half. They did just that, going on a big run in the third quarter. Sabharwal began to dominate in the post. After a three-pointer from Thompson, the game was tied heading into the fourth quarter.

Justin drives the ball to the hoop as BISB surged offensively in the third quarter.

In the final quarter, BISB was able to take a lead with some more production from Sabharwal. Both teams found themselves in the bonus, as a result of crossing the foul limit. This hurt BISB late in the fourth quarter, as free throws enabled Dexter to tie the game. BISB had an opportunity to win the game with 5 seconds remaining in regulation, Sabharwal missed a game-winning shot, sending it into overtime.

In the overtime, Thompson and Justin set up Sabharwal for some crucial baskets to put BISB in front. In the final possession of the game, BISB's defense, which had been strong all second half, prevented Dexter from scoring. BISB survived with a 52-51 victory.

Sabharwal dribbles out the final seconds and the team celebrates their victory.

Coach Carucci was proud of the team after the game. “We battled hard throughout the game and showed tremendous resilience under the adversity we faced of being down and keeping our composure in the intensity of the last few minutes.”

Other team members echoed a similar sentiment, adding that they felt BISB could have won the game by a lot more if they boxed out for rebounds more consistently.

The Bulldogs will close out their season with a big game against the Cambridge School of Weston. The game will be on Friday, February 20 at 4:00 pm and is open to spectators. It is their senior night, so expect a very exciting atmosphere.

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