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Boys Varsity Soccer: A Season of Success and Comradeship

Author: Pablo Andres

My name is Pablo Andres and I am currently a senior at the British International School of

Boston. As one of my many passions, I have been playing soccer for the last 13 years. BISB has a number of opportunities for students to play sports and one of those is soccer. I have now been a part of the BISB varsity soccer team for 2 years

We started the season 4 weeks ago and have already made so much progress. Our coach, Mr. McLean along with our team captain Diego Duarte, have encouraged and supported us throughout this season. We have spent our lunches bonding as a team and mentor times strategizing with Mr. McLean all of which translated to our success out on the field! Our team ranges from Year 10s to Year 13s. We had our first game 2 weeks ago against Meridian. For our first time playing as a team, we put up an amazing fight scoring 12 goals in total and winning the game 12-0. A week later, we had our game against BCA and put on another amazing display of our hard-earned skills. We slotted another 12 goals and only conceded 1.

After the two first games, we came up against our rivals ISB which we, unfortunately, were not able to beat after a 0-8 loss despite the final score, our team was ready to keep working to improve for the next game. Our 4th game was against Commonwealth. After an amazing game and a really good performance by the team, we, unfortunately, were not able to win the game, losing 3-4.

Despite losing two games, I look back at our team from 4 weeks ago and our team from the last game, and I can confidently say that we have improved exponentially. It brings me a great amount of confidence for our upcoming games. I am incredibly proud and honored to be a part of such a kind, encouraging, and talented team!

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