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Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Rohin Ariff


As soon as students reach their freshman year in high school, they take two courses called electives, outside of their compulsory core courses. What makes electives different is that the students can choose what courses they take. The following electives offered at BISB are French, Spanish, Music, Art, Drama, Geography, computer science, P.E, and Business studies. Each of the electives is meant to be learned over two years. The High School electives are very beneficial in that they open a variety of new learning experiences that differ from just from standard classes like Math and English. This allows students to discover what fields they are most passionate about pursuing in their futures.

We recently sat down with a student (who would like to remain anonymous) at BISB who had just finished their freshman year. This freshman took computer science and geography. The student gave his insight on his experience with the electives that the school offered and how helpful they were for him.

What was your experience with computer science?

Computer Science is a very interesting subject, as you get to learn the ins and outs of how technology works. I love being able to apply this knowledge to real situations. I also really like the feel of the class. Mr. Johnson is always very supportive and makes time to help everyone. I believe this elective has been a great way to take my skills in computer science to the next level, which eventually, I could apply in the real world. All the computer techniques I have soaked up in the past year have also given me a new perspective on the way technology has evolved.

How was your overall experience with geography elective?

Geography is one of my favorite subjects and I always look forward to Mr. Higgins’ classes. He is a fantastic teacher and devotes himself completely to his students. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Not only is his personality fun to be around, his teaching methods make his classes enjoyable in a way that makes geography fun to learn. In the past year, I have learned a variety of geographical skills, which have just enriched my overall idea of what geography is and what it can be.

If you could rate your overall experience, what would you say?

Overall, my experience with the electives that BISB had to offer has been very positive. Due to the very wonderful personalities of the teachers, I have truly enjoyed my learning. I also believe that adding additional subjects that students get to pick between is very effective because lots of students have already taken an interest in what they want their careers to be like.

We would like to thank the year 10 student for giving his insight on his experience with the school’s electives. We hope this article helps rising high school students to have a better understanding of the electives, and helps make them make a decision about which electives they want to pursue.

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