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BISB's First Ever Sports Banquet!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022


By Vikrant Sabharwal


On the evening of Tuesday June 21st, BISB held its first ever sports banquet. They look to make this an annual affair in the future.

The event began with a buffet as families came in; people got to eat dinner and talk to others. Parents of students were also in attendance for the event, so it was a particularly great opportunity for parents to catch up with each other and see the sports talent at BISB. Mr. Daniel Dean, BISB’s athletic director kicked off the ceremony with some opening remarks. The main slate of the event consisted of celebrating BISB’s sports teams and handing out different awards for each team.

They began this by featuring the teams from soccer, their fall sport, then presented the basketball teams, their winter sport, and finally the volleyball teams, their spring sport. The middle school teams would come up on stage first, before the high school teams. There were three major awards given out for each team: Most Valuable Player (MVP), Most Improved Player (MIP), and the Coach’s Award. Additionally, there was also one comedy award handed out for each team, based on a specific joke or characteristic that came from the team.



Varsity Boys:

Most Valuable Player: Pablo Andres

Most Improved Player: Vedaansh Sharma

Coach’s Award: Gregorio Porzio Valdés

Varsity Girls

Most Valuable Player: Amelia Frankel

Most Improved Player: Lilly Waters

Coach’s Award: Erin Pomfret


Varsity Boys

Most Valuable Player: Vikrant Sabharwal

Most Improved Player: Aria Khatib-Shahidi

Coach’s Award: Gregorio Porzio Valdés

Varsity Girls

Most Valuable Player: Sofia

Most Improved Player: Tamara Fesitova

Coach’s Award: Adriana Jiménez de Abadal

Varisty basketball team after a win against Dexter.


Varsity Boys

Most Valuable Player: Michael Sherris

Most Improved Player: Oisín Shine

Coach’s Award: Diego Duarte

Varsity Girls

Most Valuable Player: Rori

Most Improved Player: Adrianna Jiménez de Abadal

Coach’s Award: Tamara Fesitova

After giving out the awards for each team, BISB recognized athletes who played all three sports this year, naming them 3 Pin Athletes. They were awarded with a special pin. BISB also handed out the Athlete of the Year award for one middle schooler and one high schooler. Eighth grader Carla Lochen won it for the middle school while senior Michael Sherris won it for the high school.

Finally, Mr. Thornhill ended the event with a speech. In the speech, he expressed gratitude for the students participating in the sports and gratitude to the teachers for voluntarily spending their time to coach the teams, since teachers do not get paid extra for coaching. He also discussed the importance of playing sports for students and the impact it has on education.

Overall, the sports banquet was a great experience for all the athletes, parents, and coaches involved. Mr. Dean and the rest of the Athletics/Physical Education Department believe that is an event that can help advance the sports culture at BISB and unite different members of the school community. In the future, the sports banquet will likely become an integral annual event at BISB.

We thank Mr. Daniel Dean and Ms. Gabriella Hernandez for organizing the event!

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