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From the Virtual to In-Person Classroom: Mr. James Mclean

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Harry Smith


Mr. Jason McLean is a middle and high school science teacher and director of UNICEF collaboration at BISB. While he started at BISB last year, this year is his first year being in-person as he taught remotely from Sao Paulo last year, due to issues resulting from the Pandemic. Prior to BISB, he was the Head of Science at the Nord Anglia school in Sao Paulo.

We sat down with Mr. Mclean to learn more about and gain insight on how he has adjusted to his new role at BISB under the challenging circumstances.

How has the teaching experience differed between the virtual and in-person classroom?

The teaching experience is far more enjoyable in person. The pace of the lessons has increased, allowing for more assessment games, and questioning to take place. I am able to offer more examples and explanations to my classes. These first few weeks of teaching have reminded me how much I enjoy working with students.

How does the community aspect of BISB feel different now that you are on campus?

Generally, teachers are very busy people, and finding time to have formal or informal conversations virtually, with other members of staff and students, was challenging. Now that I am on campus, I can have corridor conversations with everybody and feel much more involved with the community. I am able to spend large parts of my working day speaking to people and putting faces to names.

What are your impressions of Boston?

Boston has proven to be a very open and green city, something very different from my experience in Sao Paulo. There are many things to do within walking distance of my apartment and the city is very accessible. I have enjoyed visiting the parks and zoos, particularly the Franklin Park Zoo, and the beaches outside of the city. Whilst the campus isn't very accessible to other parts of the city, it is a very green, open, and welcoming space.

What are you most looking forward to doing this school year now that you are in person?

I remain excited about the prospect of conducting more practical science now that I am in person, as well as activities that get the students up and out of the usual classroom setting. I aim to make the most of the space on the campus and use it all to stimulate learning. I also look forward to my role in coaching the boys' varsity soccer team.

We thank Mr. McLean for his time and wish him the best of luck as he transitions to teaching in person.

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