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Science Club Sparks Passion For Learning

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Aidan Nowleiski


Mr. McLean is a Science Teacher for both middle and high school and he runs a science club for middle school students on Thursdays. The club doesn’t restrict itself to one branch or topic, it explores a breadth and depth of scientific topics, in a fun way. We sat down with Mr. Mclean to learn more about the club.

What has it been like to run the science club?

Before the club started, my main role was to come up with suitable ideas for a project that the students could participate in. Next, I needed to pitch the idea to the students and pique their interest in the project. Now, my role is to facilitate the project. Our current project is a marble run machine. We are using simple pieces of craft material to design, build, and test our marble 'roller coaster'.

What do you think students appreciate about the club?

Our main focus is on the development of skills but as with many things in the world, what we do in the club can be explained scientifically. I think the students appreciate the space I am providing for them to be creative and learn from their mistakes in pursuit of success. They also probably appreciate the conversation we have during our meetings. With their immense curiosity, I am sure they love getting their questions answered as well.

Mr. Mclean and Ms. Dolan plan to continue running this club in the future. For middle school students, the club gives students exposure to which specific kinds of scientists they might be interested when they become high schoolers.

Why should students join the club?

This club is a great opportunity for students who have an interest in science to learn, develop or apply their science skills in a stress-free environment.

We thank Ms. Mclean for taking the time to sit down with us and wish him the best of luck in running the club in the future.

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