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Thank you Mr. Hatch!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022


By Anastasia Papadimitriou


As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, so does Mr. Hatch’s journey with the school.

Mr. Hatch has been a teacher at BISB for almost 8 years, working closely with the middle and high school in the departments of history and as a Director of Student Welfare for the high school.

This August, he will be starting as a history teacher at the public school system in Fall River, MA. He is most looking forward to working with kids from different socio-economic backgrounds and making an impact on their lives.

Working at BISB for a long time, he’s gotten to experience many changes at the school. He’s been able to teach different subjects and has evolved tremendously since the start of his career here. He started off only teaching history, but then became a skills and psychology teacher, which he’s found very exciting. From this, he became the Director of Student Welfare. Along with changes in his role here, he has gotten to experience many exciting developments to the school, such as the new STEAM Center and the improvement of sports teams.

Mr. Hatch has learned a lot of different things at BISB, not only for his profession but as a person. An important learning experience for him has been teaching both middle and high School, because of the way “they’re completely different.” Considering he works at an international school, it’s been very interesting for him to learn about different cultures, the education systems in Europe versus America, and the difference between teaching in public and private schools.

Of course, after all this time, there have been many different memories he has compiled at the school. His favorite memories at BISB, by far, have been experiences with his students. “I would say some of my favorite memories are thinking of those types of classes which I've taught for a very long time, and seeing students grow from middle school to high school.”

Similarly, the thing he’s going to miss the most are the students, or, as he said, “Most of the students [emphasis on most].” And, of course, he will miss his colleagues, Ms. Boucher and Mr. Mitchell, who he has grown very close to during his time at BISB.

While we have to say goodbye to Mr. Hatch, we will never forget his lessons.

To the students, I would say, keep challenging yourselves to be better people. Be proud of yourself, but acknowledge your privilege and always strive to better yourselves. Always think of ways that you can have a positive impact going forward in your lives.”

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