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Thank you Ms. Anderson-Shore!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Alice Bodda


As Ms. Anderson-Shore journeys onward to the Lone Star state, we will miss our beloved math teacher.

Ms. Rachel Anderson-Shore has been a teacher at BISB for the past 2 years. She taught math at the IB, IGCSE, and middle school levels. She was also the Extended Essay (EE) Coordinator for the IB students. In addition, she was one of the assessors for the Duke of Edinburgh program as well.

Ms. Anderson-Shore grew up in Worcester, England, and went on to study at The University of Manchester. She then pursued the Graduate Teacher Program which she completed in 2012. She continued with her training school for the next seven years before joining BISB, while taking on different roles including being the Leader of Creative Curriculum at a school.

Mrs. Anderson-Shore’s next opportunity is at the British International School of Houston. It is the sister school of BISB, and the schools have a lot in common as a result. However, BISH is larger, around double the size of BISB. At BISH, she is looking forward to teaching different year groups and courses. Location-wise, Ms. Anderson-Shore is excited about moving to Texas. She is anticipating living in a very different place and enjoying the sunny weather there.

She has loved the way BISB has made her feel so welcome, ever since she started here. Initially, this welcoming feeling was crucial for her by helping her feel close to home, despite how far away she was from her family in the UK.

From being at BISB, she has learned the need to be resilient as COVID-19 made virtual learning extremely difficult for her and other teachers. In turn, she emphasized lessons of resilience to her students with all the different things being thrown at them. She has pushed them to be open-minded to be able to come up with new strategies in the face of major challenges.

Ms. Anderson-Shore has many memories from BISB which she holds dear.

One of her favorite memories comes from interactions with Year 13 students. The Year 13’s always loved to ask her about her nails. For the graduation, they wanted her to put their faces on her nails.

Along with enjoying her time at BISB, Ms. Anderson-Shore has loved her time in Boston. She has cherished the seasonal changes in Boston as opposed to the weather in the UK which can be monotonous and very rainy. She has loved the trails for walking with her dog and running. By living near the coast, she has liked doing water activities including boating. She has also enjoyed the easy access to skiing and snowboarding from Boston.

There is a lot that Ms. Anderson-Shore will miss from BISB. The daily enthusiasm and optimism for learning are what Ms. Anderson-Shore is going to miss most.

“It is hard to get that kind of engagement from students but here at BISB, all the students are eager to learn.”

BISB has been the first school that she has worked at and it has become a home for her. Leaving here will require her to step out of her comfort zone but she is looking forward to the challenge.

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