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Thank you Ms. Moustakim!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Harry Smith


Ms. Yasemin Moustakim is a French and Spanish teacher at BISB as well as the Director of Learning Support. Prior to BISB, Ms. Moustakim received her degree in French and Spanish from the University of Leicester. She then completed her masters at the University of Oxford where she explored the relationship between motivation and progress in language learning. She has lived and worked in France, Belgium, and Spain before she came to the United States to BISB. We sat down with her to allow her to reflect on her time at BISB.

What is your next opportunity leading on from BISB?

I am going to Miami where I am going to be exploring some personal projects that I would like to do but other than that I will be enjoying life there.

What was your overall experience like at BISB?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at BISB. What I have enjoyed the most is the welcoming feeling; from day one we were all made to feel very welcome where we had a ‘Meet the Parents and New Starters Evening’ accompanied by wine and cheese. From the get-go, you feel like you are part of the community, and that’s what I have enjoyed most. Getting to meet the students and working with colleagues has been amazing.

What do you think your impact was on BISB?

I feel that I have helped make language learning more enthusiastic and creative during my time at BISB. I have focused on encouraging fun and friendly environments within the classes as well as engaging learning resources for the advancement of students' academic learning across the board.

What will you remember the most about BISB?

The memory that stands out the most was attending the middle school versus teacher’s basketball match. It was the last event that we had before the lockdown happened. It was a fantastic match, with a lot of people in the sports hall. Great atmosphere as always, everyone cheering each other on, not realizing that by the evening life was about to change. It was probably most memorable because for me it was such a nice way to leave normalcy and start the COVID-period. I have lots of other memories such as singing with my department as well.

What is your final message to the BISB community?

Keep succeeding, keep trying to strive for excellence and keep being the amazing community that is BISB.

We thank Ms. Moustakim for her sharing her reflections and wish her the best of luck moving forward in Miami and her future endeavors. She has made an impact on many students at BISB through her learning support, in particular, and will be greatly missed.

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