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Tanzania Team Persists Despite COVID Challenges

Updated: Apr 18, 2021


By Aidan Nowosielski


School coronavirus guidelines have adversely impacted but not canceled the Tanzania project this year. The Tanzania trip is an excursion to rural Tanzania that encompasses helping a local school with construction and sustainability projects and is run by Ms. Hernandez, the school's guidance counselor. The Tanzania trip has long been important for students with creative and philanthropic energy.

When asked: If you could describe operating the Tanzania project in light of the coronavirus, Ms. Hernandez described the situation as "challenging," a near-universal consensus among BISB students and teachers. She also mentioned many ways in which the Tanzania project has been modified to complete its goal of helping children in Tanzania have access to quality education and facilities. Ms. Hernandez also added that although performing Tanzania activities was substantially "easier" last school year when crucial meetings could be conducted in-person more often. She reaffirmed that the team had gotten "extremely creative" and added that the Tanzania team had already raised nearly 500 dollars, and this was before the Tanzania Cabaret.

In light of the Coronavirus, the school administration made the tough but necessary decision to cancel this year's Tanzania trip to prioritize the health and

safety of students. Although the trip will not be possible this year, the fundraising is actively progressing. When asked how the raised funds would be used, she said: 'All the money raised will go directly to helping build the secondary school.' Ms. Hernandez stated while sharing a key goal of the Tanzania project this year. 'Our money, we will send directly over in full, everything we have made... Everything that comes in goes directly to buy wood and nails and concrete and all those things.' She shared that she believed the construction element has been postponed but would resume as soon as possible and reiterated the need to fuel and support the initiative that our school has spearheaded for several years. The project's outlook is good despite difficulties, and the Inquirer wishes the team the best of luck.

Photos and videos of previous Tanzania trips are displayed on the BISB website and can be viewed here.

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