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Welcome Mr. Pringle!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Aidan Nowosielski


Mr. David Pringle is the new Director of Learning Support. He has cultivated an extensive career in education and previously helped students at another Nord Anglia’s school, the British International School of Chicago, South Loop, the same school where the new Deputy Head of School, Mr. Andrew Gilhooly came from. He now teaches a class called SKILLS that encompasses a wide breadth of invaluable life lessons and learning strategies that allow BISB students to excel both in and out of school.

We sat down with him to learn more about him and his new role.

What is your background in education?

My experience in education has always been focused on supporting students with additional learning needs and guaranteeing they thrive at school and reach their full potential. I started in schools as a specialist learning assistant working with students on a wide range of academic needs and over time, I have gained my PGCE teaching qualifications, and various learning needs & leadership qualifications. I have also mentored student teachers and taught across both primary and secondary settings for several years. I enjoy working with students on supporting the development of their executive functioning skills to promote strong academic skills focused on organization, note-taking, working memory, and other essential skills.

What drew you to education as a career path?

I’ve always been passionate about education and learning. However, my decision to begin a career in teaching was inspired by the fantastic teachers I was lucky enough to have at school – through some challenging times in my younger life. Teachers were always such a positive influence. I’m also very passionate about equality and inclusion in schools for every single student – this is what drives me most.

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

There are several aspects that I enjoy about being a teacher. I like the fast-paced nature of schools and the school environment in general. While it can be a challenging environment, it is nurturing and supportive for staff and students. I also enjoy being able to have a positive impact on individuals on a day-to-day basis – that is something that we all under-appreciate from time to time.

Could you explain the premise of the SKILLS class?

I’m not sure exactly how it has been taught in the past at BISB but I understand the SKILLS class to be based around essential skills for high school and beyond. It can include anything from academic skills (such as essay writing, note-taking, and understanding how your memory works) to being prepared for the world of work (looking at CV writing, applications, interview skills), and life skills (including cooking, bills, wellbeing and managing difficult conversations).

How has your experience in Boston and BISB been so far?

It’s been a pleasure getting to know students, staff, and parents at BISB. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming. Likewise, we’ve enjoyed exploring Boston so far and look forward to getting outdoors as much as possible!

What are your ambitions with SKILLS class and your future at BISB?

I’d really like to make sure the SKILLS sessions are genuinely useful for students at BISB and develop the skills that are so important for success in, and out of school.

We thank Mr. Pringle for taking the time to speak with us and wish him the best of luck in supporting students at BISB.

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