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Join the Investing Club!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Vedaansh Sharma


The investing club meets on Thursdays after lunch. Reach out to sign up

I'm Vedaansh (Ash) Sharma in year 11 and I am starting a new investing club at BISB, something I have wanted to do for a while.

I believe investing is something that should be simple and accessible. By starting an investing club, I aim to make this possible within the school community.

I started by finding a platform where we could invest hypothetically. This was much more difficult than I anticipated as platforms asked me for a wealth of information, including my social security number and tax details. After some support from my father, I found a robust platform, Ticker, and started a hypothetical portfolio where I invested in five companies to test the platform out. This allowed me to get a rough understanding of Ticker and assure that it met the needs of our club.

I hope to bring in guest speakers to speak to the club. I feel that bringing a guest speaker would be a great opportunity for them to share first-hand insight into how they got into investing and what it is like to be an investor. It would also really allow club members to expand their network and develop an interest in investing.

I would also be extremely keen to start an investment portfolio for BISB. I know of other schools that have portfolios, where students are allowed to invest using money given by the school. Financial constraints would be present here as there could be a limit of 100 dollars for individual investments. I think this would make a tremendous year-long project. At the end of the year, we could leave some investments over the summer, and see what results of them when we start school the following year.

I am very passionate about starting this club and urge middle and high schoolers to join. The club meets on Thursdays after lunch. It is formatted as an open discussion forum with discussion topics for each session.

I'm very excited about where I can take this club in the future of BISB!

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