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Model G20 at BISB!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Harry Smith


BISB’s first model G20 club was founded by students Tara Ossiani (Y12) and Aria Khatib-Shadidi (Y13), and has members among both middle school and high school students. The G20, which the club emulates, is a group of the world’s top 19 economic powers, excluding Russia as of 2014, that cooperate to form solutions to global issues.

During the club, participants develop key problem-solving skills in finances, economics, and geopolitical affairs by role-playing as one of the nations in the G20 such as India, the United Kingdom, or Japan. Discussions range from ways to solve climate change sustainably to discussing humanitarian aid, sanctions, and military support during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

While similar to Model UN, G20 differs in that it is a forum between the world’s leading economies to cooperate on financial stability and economic development internationally whereas the United Nations is a forum to withhold peace and security. Nevertheless they are very intertwined.

The club studies and debates about a large variety of case studies. An example of a case study the club looked at was about how constructing a coal plant may be economically beneficial but have large negative effects on the environment in India. Here, India would be able to improve their energy security issues but at the same time would worsen their existing climate crisis. The students attacked this issue from multiple perspectives and had enriching debates about whether the plant should be constructed.

Participants have had a great experience in the club. “I enjoy MG20 because I get to hang out with friends and have fun but also learn at the same time,” one student said. “I love MG20 as it gives me a sense of belonging and the ability to openly express my views on global development issues,” another said.

From this club, students will go on to participate in Model G20 conferences where they will discuss issues with students globally while representing BISB and having the chance to win awards. If any high or middle school students are interested, the club runs from 3:30 to 4:30 every Monday. Reach out to Tara or Harry if you are interested in joining: or

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