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Spirit Week at BISB!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


By Vikrant Sabharwal


Spirit week at BISB will take place on the week of October 25th, leading up to Halloween.

During Spirit week each day of the week has a dress-up theme that students can follow. It is a fun way to encourage a positive culture and unity among students, creating a heightened sense of school spirit around the campus.

Each house (Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Harvard) is in charge of the spirit theme for one day in the week. Though individual houses have selected the themes for certain days of the week, all students, regardless of house, will be able to dress up accordingly and participate in the activities for that day.

On Monday, Adams decided to have a dress-up theme of heroes. Students can choose a hero to dress up as from any books or movies that they like. Their activity for that day will be for students to write a short story about their hero.

On Tuesday, Franklin’s theme is to dress up as a detective. The detective can be real, fictional, or entirely made up. Their activity will entail a whole-school scavenger hunt. The hunt will vary in difficulty for each section of the school (primary, middle, and high school). Points will be awarded to the houses of students who find objects.

On Wednesday, Jefferson will have students dress up representing their home country or flag colors. To go along with this, they will have road games, including darts, cup throw, bag racing, and more, where houses will compete against each other and points will be awarded for winning houses. These games will be done on the road between the main building and the STEAM Center during the break, lunch period, and after school, if it is not raining.

On Thursday, Harvard has chosen to have a Met Gala dress up, where students can dress up fashionably, in fancy and unique ways. There will be an award show, with awards for the best dressed, most creative, and most colorful. House points will be given to the houses of students winning these awards. The award show will be held in the rainbow hall on that day.

Harvard Captain Michael Sherris expressed his excitement for Thursday’s MET Gala theme. “I can’t wait for the MET Gala, it's going be like a movie. Harvard is going to be stunning.”

Friday will be time for students to dress up in their Halloween costumes. Students can dress up in anything, apart from scary masks or other inappropriate items. There will be competitions for house-themed pumpkin decorating. Students will be given pumpkins which they will decorate according to the colors of their house with glitter, paint, stickers, pipe cleaners, and other materials. Each class will vote for their favorite pumpkins and points will be awarded to the houses of winning students.

Spirit week has always been an enjoyable time at BISB and now with student leadership facilitating it and house competitions on each day, it is sure to be a blast this year.

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